Client Description

Driven Technology engaged with a large Southeast-based Document Imaging company for a quick and effective deployment of our Managed Cloud solution.

Client Challenge

Our client came to us with an aging infrastructure and weak disaster recovery plan, both critical for the success of their business, but somewhat neglected due to the speed of their growth.

Driven Technologies Solution

Driven Technologies evaluated their needs and situation and subsequently migrated the company to our Open Stack-powered managed cloud, enabling the company to be able to spin up infrastructure in minutes and have access to their data in a much more flexible way. Additionally, HA Fortinet Firewalls were deployed to cover the connection to the Internet and cloud more securely.

Project Partner

OpenStack® is the most widely deployed open source software for building clouds. OpenStack is for service providers, enterprises, government agencies and academic institutions that want to build public or private clouds. Industries range from IT & telco to SaaS and eCommerce to finance and healthcare.

Enterprises use OpenStack to support rapid deployment of new products, reduce costs and improve internal systems. Service providers use OpenStack to give customers reliable, easily accessible cloud infrastructure resources, supporting technologies including platforms and containers. OpenStack powers clouds for many of the world’s largest brands, including AT&T, Bloomberg, Cisco Webex, Disney, Fidelity and Walmart. Nearly 500 companies and 23,000 individuals across more than 150 countries are supporters of the project.

Document Imaging Managed Cloud Services