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Security Awareness Training

The most vulnerable point in an IT environment is the unsuspecting authorized user that clicks on a link or downloads a file that is infected with malware.

Once a breech occurs, it’s too late … The door is open and the bad guys are in. Driven Technologies offers comprehensive on-going user-based training to strengthen the “human firewall” and help within specialized areas or throughout an entire organization to understand the newest threats, attacks, and how to avoid them. We also provide security awareness training delivered via web-based, self-paced training or on-site to groups of employees, designed to be an ongoing process to evaluate the effectiveness over a period of time and ultimately strengthen the security posture of your business.

  • Document Imaging Managed Cloud
    A large document imaging company is challenged with aging infrastructure and disaster recovery plans. View Case Study

  • Law Firm Networking and Managed Services
    Learn how Driven Technologies helped a 50-person law firm overcome networking and data speed issues. View Case Study

  • Education Network Security
    Driven Technologies partners with a large school system to upgrade firewall security throughout their system. View Case Study

  • Law Firm Managed Security Services
    A Southeastern law firm needed better network configuration to keep up with changing compliance issues. Learn how Driven helped. View Case Study


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