Why Driven Technologies?

We believe that a partner is someone who doesn’t just move you toward tomorrow, but also explains why and what you can expect ahead.

In a crazy, dynamic world of technology innovation and all of the stress and juggling that comes along with it, wouldn’t it be nice to have a forward thinking business partner that actually understands you and your unique business challenges? And what if that partner could creatively help solve those problems, without every resolution “magically” involving more and more purchases?

At Driven Technologies our message is simple: Hire the best and brightest engineers and give them one goal … To help customers meet and exceed their business objectives.

To most customers, this message of truly adding value has been lost on “Value Added Resellers.” We believe this has created a gap in the market for an innovative partner to come along and fill that void. Our holistic approach to partnership was purpose-built with our customers in mind, adding true value and providing one-to-one service during all phases of a project and across all major technology verticals.

Please feel free to peruse our website to see where our core competencies lie, or better yet, reach out to our sales team to have a conversation about how we are providing value to our customers today.

Thanks for your time and interest in Driven Technologies,

Mike Pearson

Who we are. Why we do what we do.

Driven Technologies was born out of requests from our clients at our sister company, MSA Digital.

With that business naturally evolving from printing and copying solutions into networking and connectivity, we were asked to become a bigger partner in their technology space. As we proceeded, we recognized that businesses were being underserved when it came to critical aspects of data management, security, managed services and security.

Our business philosophy has always been to provide true partnership to clients in every sense of the word. That has meant looking not only at the answers to the questions we are asked, but also looking at how the solutions we provide meet the unique needs of each of our customers and how they will help meet their larger business needs.

We are a company of engineers and IT experts and have always been. But more than anything, we are a company of creative solution providers who fully understand the interconnectedness of businesses in today’s disjointed hardware, software, and networked world.

Driven Technologies continues to be known for the same characteristics we’ve long been associated with when it comes to clients … agility, reliability, expertise and scope of knowledge. And our structure affords us the unique ability to work effectively for customers whose needs are large and small.

As we move forward, we are committed to more of the same … providing outsourced and managed services for IT departments and businesses that are focused on the future and need a partner to fill in gaps for which they are not able.